Coffee Mocha Java Da Mutt 12 oz

hoppy hound

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A hint of tartness is found among the earthiness of this traditional blend.  

The earliest known blend is said to be Mocha Java, which the Dutch developed in the 18th Century. Coffees from the Indonesian island of Java were blended with African Ethiopians (we use Sidamo) to achieve a new taste. While there is no chocolate in Mocha Java, the "Mocha" comes from the the original name of the modern-day Yemeni port city of Al Mukha, through which the Ethiopian coffees were traded.


Mocha Java

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Sizes  Back Body Length Bust Sleeve Length
XS 25.5 34.5 13
S 26 36.5 13.5
M 26.5 38.5 14
L 27.25 41.5 14.75
XL 28 44.5 15.5
XXL 28.5 48.5 16.25
3XL 29 52.5 17
4XL 29 56.5 17.75