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Relax over a warm cup of the finest tea made in the Great Lakes Region.

Smitten Chai 

Smitten Chai is an exotic, aromatic and full-bodied spiced tea. Featuring an extraordinary combination of organic whole spices blended with rich, black tea and vanilla bean. Specially made for our Smitten Store! 1.6 oz

Green Rooibos Sunsplash

A splash of exotic fruits and the vibrant sun embody the invigorating tropical essence of this revitalizing Rooibos blend. 1.6 oz

Isle Royal Emerald Green Tea

Premium green tea blend inspired by the crystal clear waters of Lake Superior and the wild, untamed coastline of Isle Royale. 1.2 oz

 Earl Grey Lavender

This unique Earl Grey Lavender blend was crafted using the finest edible lavender from Northern Michigan along with a host of all natural ingredients. Naturally flavored with bergamot, vanilla, and lavender, it brews a beautiful rich cup perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea time. 1.0 oz

Mackinaw Breeze


High-Grown Ceylon Blend: This premium black tea blend has a clean and soft lingering finish. To be enjoyed as a rejuvenating and fruity delight as an iced tea on hot summer days as well as a hot tea to arouse the senses. 1.4 oz

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Sizes  Back Body Length Bust Sleeve Length
XS 25.5 34.5 13
S 26 36.5 13.5
M 26.5 38.5 14
L 27.25 41.5 14.75
XL 28 44.5 15.5
XXL 28.5 48.5 16.25
3XL 29 52.5 17
4XL 29 56.5 17.75