Hoppy Hound Coffee

Mornings start with a cold

nose and good coffee!

Hoppy Hound Coffee & Dog Bakery

Building a strong community, while spreading pawsitive vibes one cup at a time

Wake up & Kick Ass

Hoomanity runs on Coffee

Having two rescue dogs myself, opening the Hoppy Hound Coffee and Dog Bakery allows us the chance to give back to the community and area rescue groups.

Our mission is to give our furry friends a hoppy life full of possibilities! We strive to support all the organizations and volunteers that work hard to give our hounds a better life.

A portion of the proceeds generated from hoppy hound Coffee is used to help local area rescue organizations. Saving pups one cup at a time.

#riseandrescue #hoppyvibes

Proudly Serving Leelanau Coffee

Leelanau Coffee Roasting Co is located in Glen Arbor Michigan and is where we get our coffee from

They are proud to be a USDA Certified Organic Roaster. They provide our customers with the highest quality organic, fair trade and shade grown coffee on the market today. Why shade grown coffee? Coffee is meant to be grown in dappled shade, unlike many high-production plantations today where shrubs are planted in full sun, resulting in scorched foliage and a bitter coffee flavor. Shade grown coffees are grown beneath a canopy of shade trees that encourage natural growth and mulch, and a mellow, even coffee flavor.

And while coffee itself is gluten-free, so are the flavorings we use, thus making Leelanau Coffee gluten-free across the board!

Gourmet Dog Bakery

Not only are we serving the best coffee but we also have gourmet dog treats that will make your hound very hoppy! You can enjoy your coffee with your hoppy hound in our pet friendly lounge!



He is our CEO & Founder. He lived an amazing life and is now watching over us in doggie heaven.


She is our feisty little Diva! Ellie is our part timer who lets her presence be known and thinks she is the boss!


He is our resident security guard and adventure model! He is a mommas boy so he can be a bit shy!

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